CPC Training with Circle Express

cpc-trainingCircle Express are a leading provider of CPC Training.

Professional lorry drivers are legally required to hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) in addition to their vocational driving license.

Circle Express are a leader in the haulage and transport sector, consequently we can offer courses that are highly practical and relevant for your drivers since our experience is based on the real world rather than the classroom.

Circle Express has a scope, knowledge and experience on training like none of our competitors as we are at heart a transport company. Circle Express has been trading for 30 years and we face the same training issues that you do. Circle Express operates 300 vehicles and employees over 400 drivers so not only do we have training experience but we have an unrivalled experience at managing drivers and their training needs.

Why choose Circle Express for CPC Training?

    • Circle Express are a transport company so we face the same issues as you do
    • Unrivaled experience in managing drivers and their needs combined with real-world experience of CPC Training needs
    • Our accredited trainers deliver practical, relevant training with passion & fun
    • We can train at various Circle Express depots or at your company site via our mobile CPC Training service
    • We can offer courses tailored to your drivers’ requirements and dates


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